Koch Mediaは、PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC用ソフト「Hot Wheels Unleashed」について、DCコミックス「バットマン」とコラボレーションした新たな拡張パック「Batman Expansion」の配信を12月2日より開始した。

「Hot Wheels Unleashed」で「バットマン」とコラボレーションした拡張パック「Batman Expansion」が配信開始!

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED TM (C) 2021. Published and Developed by Milestone S.r.l. All rights reserved. HOT WHEELS TM and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel. (C)2021 Mattel. All manufacturers, accessory suppliers, names, tracks, sponsors, brands and associated imagery featured in this game are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners. Licensed to and published in Japan by Koch Media Inc., Japan.



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